The Future of Real Estate 
Explained with Brent Gove

There is a company that is disrupting real estate with its innovative cloud brokerage model, 
agent-centric culture, and unparalleled revenue sharing opportunity.

Learn why this new business model is attracting the industries top producers, 
biggest teams, and independent brokerage owners.

The only agents that aren't excited are the agents 
that haven't been informed by watching this video.

Listen in as Brent Gove explains this new real estate business model 
and how it can help you achieve complete and total freedom 
in your real estate business  in this video presentation.

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Here is what we'll be covering:

  • Why the biggest names in real estate are leaving the companies they love to join this revolutionary company in record numbers.
  • How Agent Ownership is changing the real estate industry.
  • Why this business model is attracting top agents and brokerages.
  • How real estate agents and brokerage owners are building big time businesses with this model.
  • How you can make life changing income and create complete and total time freedom with this disrupter in the real estate space.
  • The commission structure, revenue sharing, and stock options.
  • How to lower your lead generation cost 10X overnight with the state of the art technology and tools provided to every agent.
  • and much more.  You don't want to miss this!